I. General enquiries regarding MamaHelpers
1. How much do you charge?
Self-matching service from MamaHelpers is FREE! We promise this will be FREE forever! You can connect and contact employers/helpers directly for free anytime.

If you are an employer, you are recommended to create your job post requirements and let more helpers find you! MamaHelpers will also recommend you to connect with the right helpers based on your requirements.

If you are a helper, you are recommended to fill in your detailed profiles, including past work experience, personal information and your job expectation. This will help you to connect with the right employers easier and efficiently. A more detailed profile will allow you to stand out from the crowd and attract more potential employers to contact you.

And again, this service is FREE! Sound amazing? Do not hesitate to share us to your friends:

Download for iOS (iPhone): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mamahelpers/id1250379848?ls=1&mt=8

Download for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mamahelpers.mamahelpers
2. Why are you free?
We are striving for a more transparent community for both helpers and employers. We welcome you to leave your reviews on previous or current helpers, which will help provide a valuable reference for future employers. Your contribution means a lot to our community.
3. How can I create my job post?
To post a job offer, you can simply click “Create Job Post” from the “Posted Jobs” page. You can create a job post for hiring foreign helpers. Please carefully fill in your job ad and you will quickly get the best domestic helper for your family. After filling in the job post details, you can even preview the job offer.

You are also welcome to create multiple job offers to fit your family needs.

Remember to like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mamahelpers/ and we will help you post your job post to our social media platform for more exposure!
4. How can I contact a helper/employer?
If you are an employer, you can click the “Message Now” button from the helper profile page. You can directly message the helpers through in-app message feature.

If you are a helper, you can click the “Request to Connect” button from the employer job post page. After employer approves, you can directly message the employer through in-app message feature.

You are reminded not to disclose your personal or contact information for your safety. Please keep the conversation within our app for your protection.
5. I’ve found my helper, what is the next?
You may click “confirm this helper” to start the application to direct-hire your helper. After your submission and payment, our good accredited partnered agency will handle your paperwork directly from the app.

6. What can I do if I fail to find a helper by myself?
If you are struggling to find a helper for yourself, you can choose our premium service provided by our accredited partnered agencies. By clicking our “AGENCY” at EXPLORE, you will be directed to our verified recommended employment agencies who will assist and find the right helper for you.
7. When and how do I pay for the service?
You shall pay through MamaHelpers accounts to enjoy all the discounts, refund policies (if applicable), dispute settlement and after-sell services after the submission of your application.
Payment methods:
You may pay through bank transfer to the following accounts:

A. Shanghai Commercial Bank:
Mamahelpers Limited

S* t** y** a***
Payment are only considered as accepted with the bank slip. Please kindly upload the proof in the in-app message.
8. I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I contact?
You may contact us at the inner app “NEED HELP ? “ to reach our customer service.

Please describe your problem in details and we will reply to you ASAP.

9. Need help with your password?
You may click “forget password”, after entering your registered phone number you can create a new password.
10. Where is your office?
Our offices are located in Hong Kong Cyberport and also in Sheung Wan. For your convenience, please contact us at 9794 5849 for an appointment before reaching us at 202 Wing Fu Building, 18 - 20 Wing Kut Street, Central, Hong Kong for customer service support.
II. Before hiring
1. Am I eligible to hire a Foreign Domestic Helper?
To hire a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH), you must:
- Be a Hong Kong resident (You do not need to be a Hong Kong Permanent Resident to hire a FDH)
- Have a minimum income of at least HKD15000 per month or have assets of a comparable amount to support expenses of hiring the worker for the entire two year contract period.
2. What are the major costs for hiring a domestic helper?
III. During the employment period
1. When should I pay my domestic helper’s wages
By law, you should pay your helper within 7 days of the end of the wage period, e.g. if your FDH started working on 1st of January, the date of first wage payment should not be later than 8th of January. If you are paying for a food allowance, you are recommended to pay it at the beginning of the wage period so your helper will not be lack of food in his/her first month of service.
2. How should I pay my domestic helper if he/she started working with me mid-way through the month?
You can use the formula below to calculate a domestic helper’s daily wage and then multiply by the number of days the helper has worked for you to obtain the appropriate amount:

Helper’s monthly salary x 12 months / 365 days = daily wage
3. How many days off should I give to my domestic helper per week?
By law, a domestic helper must have at least one rest period of no less than 24 continuous hours every 7 days. However, he/she may work voluntarily on his/her rest days and receive a extra-work day compensation.
4. Can I set a curfew for my helper’s day off (e.g. must be home by 9pm)?
A helper’s rest day is required to be a continuous period of no less than 24 hours, setting a curfew is therefore unlawful.
You could however discuss with her and try to come to an agreement that is satisfactory to both sides.
5. What holidays do I need to provide my domestic worker?
Employers are required by law to give these 12 Statutory Holidays off work:
● 1st of January
● Lunar New Year’s day
● The second day of Lunar New Year
● The third day of Lunar New Year
● Ching Ming Festival (April 4th or 5th depending on the year)
● Labour Day (1st of May)
● Tuen Ng Festival, also known as the dragon boat festival
● Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day (1st of July)
● The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
● 1st of October
● Chung Yeung Festival
● Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas Day (the employer can choose either)
For the exact dates of statutory holidays each year, please visit the government website here : https://www.gov.hk/en/about/abouthk/holiday/

If the helper has been employed continuously by the employer for three months preceding any of these holidays, he/she is entitled to the holiday pay.
6. If my domestic helper have been working for me for less than 3 months, do I need to give my domestic worker a day off on a statutory holiday?
Yes you do. You are not required to pay them for the holiday until after 3 months of service but you must give them the day off.
7. How many days of paid annual leave should I give to my foreign domestic helper?
For the first two years, a foreign domestic helper is entitled to 7 days of paid annual leave per year. For every year of service they have completed with you thereafter, one additional day of annual leave is granted to a maximum of 14 days.
The table below shows the required leave for each year of service.
8. If my domestic helper has to go back to his/her home country for an emergency, do I need to pay for the flight tickets?
No, you are not required to pay for any other flight tickets except the tickets specified in the standard employment contract.
IV. Parting ways (Finishing/ breaking/ terminating contracts)
1. What to do if I want to terminate a helper/ my helper break the contract?
a) You will need to inform your current maid in writing that you are terminating the contract. You must give her either 30 days notice or one month’s pay in lieu.
b) You must submit a Notice of Termination to the Immigration Department within 7 days. http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/forms/forms/id407e.html
c) You also need to give her :
1. A flight ticket back Philippines (or money for her to buy a ticket)
2. Her termination entitlement based on her remaining annual leave days
Mailing Address: Foreign Domestic Helpers Section, Immigration Department 3/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
In Person To: Receipt and Despatch Sub-unit, Immigration Department 2/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Fax To: (852) 2157 9181
Telephone Enquiry Number: (852) 2824 6111
2. Do I need to provide a copy of the termination letter to my domestic worker?
You must need to inform your domestic helper in writing that you are terminating their contract. You must also give him/her either 30 days notice or one month’s pay in lieu.
3. If my helper has found a new employer, who should pay for his/her flight ticket back to his/her home country?
Every employer is responsible for two flights in every contract period.
1. Flight from their place of origin at the beginning of contract
2. Flight back to their place of origin at the end of contract

You will be responsible for his/her flight back to their home country, while his/ her new employer will be responsible for his/her way back Hong Kong.