How to Hire a Domestic Helper Using MamaHelpers App?

Posted: 02/05/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Have you been stressed out in the repeated scenario where you will run to the agency and then they will give you a helper who you will just meet when it arrives in front of your door? What if your expectation does not meet your helper? That you expect it to be so kind, loving, positive attitude but not in real life? Does the idea make you salve? Have you imagined putting effort into hiring that helper but really not worth it at all? It is a complete waste of time and of course, money. You will ask yourself, “How to hire a domestic helper who I know for sure will meet or exceed my expectation even if the helper is not yet in my country?”

Because of unbelievable change of time and fast movement of technology in the current generation, the answer to your problem is finally launched last September 2017, the MamaHelpers mobile app! The app is totally free of charge so you can download it from your App Store or Play Store without worrying about the payment. There are 150,000 + domestic helpers who are hungrily searching for jobs in the app and the best thing here is that you do not have to wait for a long time just to get to know them! You can message the helpers right away while you are there, sitting in front of your television, watching your favorite telenovela.

How to know if the helper in the app is suitable for me and my family? Click the link below this blog that we, MamaHelpers prepared for you. You can drag the helper and use another platform like Skype or WhatsApp for the online face to face interview. You do not have to worry if the effort you will make is really worth it or not, because indeed it is.

When hiring a suitable helper for you and your family is one of the important things that you, yourself needs to pay more attention. It is essential to hire a helper based on the character not by skills. You can train them if they lacked out skills. But you cannot teach them how to be good towards others.

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