Is It Necessary to Demand a Reference Letter from the Previous Employer of the Helper?

Posted: 18/04/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Before hiring a domestic helper, there are employers who keeps on insisting for their reference letters from the previous employers for them to know if the helper is capable of taking care their families. Of course, who doesn’t want their family to be safe and secure in the hands of a stranger? And to think that you’re going to let this stranger sleep and eat in your own house together with your young ones. To think that the rate of child kidnapping in many parts of the world is already increasing every month based on the recent news. It is better safe than sorry, right?

Many employers think that if they demand a reference letter from the applicant, it is easy for them to trust the helper. However, demanding a reference letter from the applicant can sometimes be more difficult for them. This is maybe for a reason that their previous employer terminated them or they break their contract because their employer is not treating them right. There is also a possibility that they are still working and they don’t want their employer to know that they are applying for a new job.

There are circumstances that if the helper breaks their contract or is being terminated for bad reason, their previous employer might speak cruelly or rude about the helper. And if the employer gives a good remark about the helper, it doesn’t mean that you will hire that person for an instant.

Whatever the reason is, as an employer, you need to remember why you are hiring a helper in the first place. You need to make sure that the helper is the right person for your family. You need to consider things like the character and how determine and kind they are when you speak and look at them. You cannot guarantee that you made a right decision for choosing them that instantly but you can at least give yourself a chance to know them better for a short period of time based on their responses to you.

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