Is It Okay to Give My Helper a Permission to Join in MamaHelpers?

Posted: 05/04/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

MamaHelpers is a mobile application where the employers and applicants can meet. You can do this by downloading the app on your mobile phones and wait, did I mentioned already that the MamaHelpers app is free to download? Ah yes! That is true, it is 100% free. You can download it using your Android or iOS phone. It is indeed a good news for every helpers and employers out there because they can find each other that easily. But, what will you do if you found out that your helper is joining a group or event where MamaHelpers name is involved? You will start questioning yourself, “Is my helper searching for her new employer” or “Is my helper not happy under my management anymore?”. Too depressing to think, but worry not! Why? I will tell you why.

Did you know that MamaHelpers is not about searching for employment only? MamaHelpers have their own Academy where they are giving away free certificates for the Caregiver students who will undergo training. The said certificate is already approved by the Training Qualifications UK and it can help in adding skills of your helper. They will learn things like how to handle ailing individuals, especially the elderly by means of attending every class that is being handled by the professionals.

MamaHelpers Volunteers

If you caught your helper wearing MamaHelpers t-shirt one day, do not panic, maybe your helper just joined MamaHelpers Volunteers. It is an organization consisting of domestic helpers in one particular area who continuously helping the needs without getting anything in return. You don’t have to dispute with your helper if you think that she is just wasting her money and time. Is it good to think that your helper can devote her blood and sweat just to help other people? To think that she can do all these things unto others, so what more she can do when it comes to your family?

In the end, we just have to trust our helper in order for them to feel so trustworthy. And above all, trust is the essential ingredient in effective communication. It is also a foundational principle that holds a good relationship between you, your family and your helper.

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