Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Helper

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Domestic Helper plays a big role in employer’s everyday lives. Starting from the wonderfully made morning meal into delivering young ones to school and from cleaning the house to maintaining the happiness and orderly in our home.

In addition to the opportunities, we always give our trust in the hands of our helpers. That is why we should examine every applicant who wants to be part of our family. So here are some of the questions that MamaHelpers have prepared for you, which will help you, as an employer in finding your own helper.

First in the lists are the basic questions that you need to know about them:

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

  2. Why do you want to work as a domestic helper?

  3. What are your future plans?

  4. How many kids do you have? Did you raise your own kid?

  5. How long have you been in other country?

Then after that, we should proceed to the focused of the interview, the informations about their previous and future job:

  1. Explain your past work history.

  2. Do you know how to look up the transportation routes on the internet?

  3. What do you do with the money you earn?

  4. Do you have savings account?

  5. What are you best at doing?

  6. What is your expected salary?

  7. Can I contact your previous employer? Do you have references?

  8. What time did you wake up in the morning?

  9. Are you good at organizing?

  10. Do know how to use a vacuum?

  11. Are you able to follow a schedule?

  12. Do you know how to do hand washing?

  13. What time of the day do you usually like to do ironing?

  14. Do you like to cook?

  15. What types of food do you know how to cook?

  16. Can you follow a recipe book?

  17. Have you ever done meal planning?

  18. Do you know how to make marketing list?

  19. How do you keep records of the money spent?

  20. Have you ever asked for a cash advance before? What was the reason?

  21. How do you handle a newborn baby? Change diaper? Feeding? Burping?

  22. Do you like kids?

  23. Do you have any first aid training?

  24. Are you flexible with your day off? What day do you prefer?

  25. If necessary, will you work on your day off for extra money?

  26. Are there any special occasions that you need to be home for?

We hope that these questions help you during the interview process. And before anything else, we will leave you an important message from MamaHelpers:

Keep your helper healthy, happy and motivated, for you to have a helper who will love and dedicates her life in taking care of your whole family. Good luck to you and happy interviewing!

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