10 Household Hacks

Posted: 01/08/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Is that stubborn stain on the coffee mug bugging you or that grease stained kitchen stove irritating you?

MamaHelpers has compiled the top 10 most common household problems that we face in our daily lives.

The most common problem would be . . . . . . . .

1. A burnt pan
We know that it is so frustrating to scrub with all our might. It’s like a constant battle in the kitchen.. With the frying pan….. We heard that vinegar and baking soda does the trick! Simply fill the pan with water and add a cup of white vinegar. Bring it to a boil and remove from stove. Add two tablespoons of baking soda and let it cool for a few minutes. Then you’re ready to wipe that nasty burn away.

2. Pick up small glass
It sucks when you accidentally drop a bowl and it shatters on the floor. Glass shards on the floor are a tricky mess to solve and picking up the pieces with your hands are a bad idea. Try pressing a piece of bread over the area and this should pick up even the tiniest pieces that you missed out. Remember to protect your foot and slip on a slipper before going over that area.

3. Clogged drain
Unclogging a drain can be a dreadful task for many. All you need is ½ cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar and boiling water! Pour the baking soda followed by the vinegar into the drain and wait 15 minutes. Next pour boiling water in. Voilà you’re done! It sure is as easy as it sounds!

4. Smelly sneakers
Smelly footwear that can be smelled from a thousand miles away are a definite turnoff. The next time your employer’s kid comes back from soccer practice, try sprinkling some baking soda inside to rid the smell.

5. Stinky garbage
Garbage stinks and this is a fact we can’t change. Your employer might even blame you for being lazy for not bringing the trash out. A no brainer step here would quickly solve the problem. Take some lemon slices and run them through the garbage disposal. In no time, your kitchen would smell fresh!

6. Dirty Chopping board
Chopping board that is dirty is a good place for bacteria and other germs to manifest. This is undesirable as food will also be easily contaminated. Sprinkle some kosher salt on the chopping board and half a lemon to scrub. This will leave your chopping board as good as new and chemical free.

7. Sweater fuzz
One way of removing sweater fuzz is using a razor but be careful not to press too hard or you will end up with a ripped sweater at the end of it.

8. Dirty Tile Floors
Greasy, and filthy tile floors are a horror to step on. To remove such stains, try using baking soda and bleach to scrub the grimiest grout away.

9. Dirty microwave oven
A dirty microwave oven will contaminate the food you heat up. Use a microwave safe dish and fill it up with washing detergent and water and run it for a minute. Next wipe with a wet sponge.

10. Dirty TV screen
Use a damp coffee filter to clean TV screens and monitors. Do not use a cloth as it leave the screen with fibers that makes the screen looks worse. The coffee filter works wonders! Try it out and let us know!

Mamahelpers is dedicated to finding solutions for both you and your employer to live comfortably. Watch this space for more updates!

A cleaner home, a happier employer, a happier you.

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