7 ways to make your employer satisfy with your meal planing

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Tired of planning to cook? Feeling unappreciated all the time when you cook? Employer is complaining that your food is repetitive, too salty, too oily?

Read more to find out how to cook and eat more healthily.

1. Plan ahead
By planning ahead, this gives you enough time to think about cooking a balanced diet. Often, a meal that is cooked without enough preparation time will tend to have a chance to be unhealthy as you would often seek fast options. For example, instead of using fresh tomatoes, you would probably grab the nearest can of canned or frozen vegetables and make do with it. Planning ahead of what you cook would give you more time to gather the right ingredients that you need.

2. Cook in the right proportion
Cooking just the right amount would prevent you from overeating. This helps you from eating less and you might even lose weight! It also prevents wastage of food and you trying to squeeze the leftovers in the fridge. This will also help your employer save money and they will definitely thank you in the long run!

3. Use healthy seasonings
The next time you want to sprinkle some salt into your dish, you might want to think twice. Try substituting salt with herbs and spices the next time round.

4. Cook seasonally
Always remember that in-season produce always taste much better than out-of-season produce because it will have more vitamins and antioxidants. Have you heard that fresh ingredients taste better and look more visually appealing on your plate. You will leave your employer begging for seconds of your fried chicken wings.

5. Have more vegetables
Fret not! This is not asking you to turn vegetarian. It is recommended to include more flora in your employer’s dishes and try out a more plant based diet. You can also suggest to your employer to have one or two vegetarian meals in a week.

6. Snack healthily
Snacking can be healthy if you do it right. There are several healthy snacks that are equally tasty such as avocado sandwich or try making your own kale chips the next time your employer ask for a snack. Once they have tried them, they will never go back to eating those chips anymore. They will definitely be appreciative of your efforts to go the extra mile! Trust me!

7. Skip out the bad carbohydrates
Do not entirely skip out carbohydrates but consume less of bad carbohydrates such as white rice or pasta. Instead try to eat more whole grain food or switch white rice to brown rice for a healthier option.

Remember, healthy cooking pays off in the long run.
A satisfied employer, a healthier you!

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