Activities to do with your employer's kid

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Don’t know how to handle the kid in the summer?

Are your employer’s kids giving you trouble at home? Want to bond more with the kids?

Research shows that if you spend more time trying to understand and bond with the child, they would be closer to you and more willing to listen to you.


Read on to learn more about what you can do!!

Here are 7 EASY AND FREE activities that you can do with your employer’s kids this summer to get closer!

1. Get crafty
Let kids explore their creative and imaginative side! Why not make use of the remaining paint from art class that is lying around and encourage kids to start to DIY. It can be painting, making a new scrapbook or even tie dying one of their old shirts. Do not fret if things get messy and cleaning up is a chore. Cleaning up can also be fun and a good way to teach the child to clean up after themselves.

2. Go outdoors
What is a better time to go outdoors other than now. Slap on some sunblock and put on a hat and you’re on your way to having some fun! Teach your employer’s kid a new skill such as cycling or have long walks in the park and get close to nature while having deep conversations with them to understand what they are feeling.

3. Play board games and puzzles
Board games and puzzles are interactive activities that stimulates children's minds and keep them occupied. Do not think that board games are boring. In fact they are so entertaining that you will be looking forward to the next rainy day that keeps you indoor. For a more lighthearted game, try twister! Before you know it, you and your employer’s child will be tangled up in the fun in no time. What a way to get closer!

4. Cook together
Your employer’s child giving you a headache each meal time? Secretly throwing their greens away into the bin before you can stop it? Don’t worry! Here is a tip for you that will get the child to eat more vegetables than you expect. Involve the child in planning what to eat for the day and even cook up a storm together. This way, the child will feel more involved in the eating process and feel that they have a say in decision making. Other than cooking, baking can also be another way of getting kids to be more involved in the kitchen. Just be mindful of kitchen hazards and the hot kitchen stove!

5. Keep fit together
Put on your favourite music and start dancing away. Exercising with your employer’s kid can be a fun way to bond and interact. Think of how you and the child struggle to complete a certain dance move and laugh at each other. FYI, laughing burns calories too.

6. Library visits
Schedule weekly library visits with the child. Keep an eye out for storytelling, puppet shows and other programmes they have going on in the library. Do not forget about yourself and grab a book to read too!

7. Tidy up together
Get the child involved in tidying up the house with you. For example, making their own bed and washing their own dishes. Sometimes, the child wants to help out but is not given a chance to do so.

So, are you ready to start having fun with your employer’s child? Bear in mind to discuss with your employer ideas that you have before starting these activities as they might have their views as well. Always get your employer’s approval before bringing the child out and remember safety is of utmost importance.

A happier child, a happier you!
Have fun!

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