How To Improve Your Helper’s Productivity

Posted: 10/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Do you wish that your helper would be more focus and be an achiever? Do you want her to work with a higher energy level and accomplish more in a shorter period of time? Do you hope to see improvements in her performance, rather than a slow and steady decline? Here are some tips that you can motivate your helper to be a productive member of your family.

  • We often assume that poorly performing helpers are just lazy with poor work ethic. However, have you ever think about if they have taken adequate rest? The productivity of your helper isn’t always given. According to the Human Performance Institute in Florida, improving the quantity and quality of rest is one of the most effective ways to work more efficiently. Basically, when we are rested we think better, can work longer, can concentrate more, are more creative and achieve more.”

  • Domestic workers are more focused and motivated when they know exactly what is expected toward them. So, try to make sure that your helper’s tasks are as clear and as narrow as possible. Avoid frequently interrupting your helper as she works, or constantly redirecting her work. Research says that working in 90 minute bursts boosts productivity. Constant interruptions, whether in the office or home, hurt productivity. If you are a stay at home mom, try not to always interrupt your helper with new tasks. Just because you think of something, doesn't mean you have to say it right away. Write it down, and after she has been able to concentrate on the tasks at hand for 60-90 minutes, then add the new task to her list of things to do, according to its priority.

  • Invest in your helper’s happiness. In a recent study, a boost in your helper’s happiness led to an increase in productivity. After all, it is everyone’s desire to be recognized for their efforts. You will be surprised at how powerful a $10 gift card can be. When she feels that she was genuinely respected, you will have an appreciative and productive helper.

  • There is no hope of increasing your helper’s efficiency if she doesn’t know that she is being efficient in the first place. Provide regular helpful feedback to your helper in a manner that she can be encouraged. It doesn’t have to be always positive, because that’s how management works. You also need to correct her when needed.

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