How to hire foreign caregivers that are experienced in taking care of elderly?

Posted: 03/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Due to the aging problem in Hong Kong, the demand of caregivers for elderly have been increasing rapidly since 2010. According to the Legislative Council Secretariat, the number of elderly is expected to exceed 230,000 by end of year 2034. Thus, it is believed that there is an increase in the needs of caregivers that professional in supervising elderly.

MamaHelpers are aware of this phenomenon, hence, here are some suggestions and advice to employers who are interested in hiring domestic helpers for elderly.

Firstly, the expected salary of experienced helpers is generally higher than the minimum salary ($4410), especially those with the acquired skills of taking care of disable or chronic patients. However, some employers believe that they can still hire acknowledged helpers with the minimum wage, so these families often end up facing difficulties in hiring skillful caregivers at home. Generally, knowledgeable helpers often request a higher income because they are popular among the employers. Therefore, if the offered salary cannot reach their expectations, employers may have to raise the wage or come a consensus with the helpers in order to hire them.

Secondly, the addresses of the employers may also effect of the decisions of helpers, especially those who have just finished their contracts in Hong Kong. It is because they have experiences in living in Hong Kong, hence they may have requirements on employers, for example, employers who live in remote areas, such as Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai may not be taken under consideration. Also, caregivers may request to have their own bedroom because of a higher privacy. Thus, employers that does not fulfil the requirements may need to raise the salary to attract more experienced domestic helpers.

Last but not least, MamaHelpers has organized MamaHelpers Academy for helpers and employers that who are interested in training their caregivers in learning how to take care of elderly and patients who suffer from chronic diseases. If you have any enquiries, please browse our Facebook page, TheCovo Global Migrant Community or contact 9794 5841 to know more.

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