How to Write Attractive Job Post

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A compelling job description can be the difference between being the multi-coated candy in the eye of your readers or losing them to another competitive employer. When it comes to attracting the best and experienced applicants, the job title and description are as important as the salary offer. MamaHelpers is a powerful place where you can find helper who is best suits to your preferences.

There are a lot of job content that are too long, too technical or just too boring. A clear, concise job title and thoughtfully detailed job description will help you to find the qualified candidate.

Here are some tips on writing the job description:
  • 1. Focus on the applicant’s needs

    You will have a better shot at resonating with job seekers if you focus more on their needs. Use catchy buzzwords that are eye-catchy. An eye-catching title and exclamation points might help an applicant to take notice. As much as possible, try to address the concerns of the applicants like: (1) What will my workday look like? (2) What opportunities will be available for me?

    Plain language is important. Avoid words that people wouldn’t understand.
  • 2. Omit tasks and responsibilities that don’t need to be spelled out

    Job descriptions with a large number of words have the higher chance of low experienced candidates. Every word counts. Don’t be afraid to cut out extraneous information for stronger job postings. Use a straightforward language to answer your applicant’s questions.
  • 3. Never forget the three R’s

    You need to indicate the Responsibilities, Requirements, and Rewards to your job detailed description. Don’t over format your contents. Consider editing your content to increase focus and remove redundancies.

Above are some tips for your reference only. You may also visit the MamaHelpers app to see sample job descriptions and titles that also made by the employers. Wish you all finding the best helper by MamaHelpers!

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