Time-Saving Ways to Train Your Helpers

Posted: 03/03/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Hiring a new helper means adjusting of members’ everyday lives in your home. Everytime you hire a new helper, you also need to train them again and educate them about your household rules. Why training is important? Is it necessary? The answer is yes. What the helper learned in other places is not the same thing that she will learn inside your home. Training can help them to easily adopt and embrace their new environment.

Some employers doesn’t want to train their helpers because of the fact that it is too time-consuming. So, we gather some information on how to train your helper in the most efficient and effective time-saving ways.

1. Do the visual learning process. Find pictures online that will show what you want to teach to your helper. For instance, you can give the pictures that you have printed and tell your helper to keep it once she forget what you had just taught her.

2. Printable instructions. You can also print the instructions that you want her to know. You can print also something like a recipe, the right way to iron the clothes or how to make a bed. Let those instructions read by your helper and ask her if she have some questions regarding to it.

3. Download videos. Find short videos online on about any topic that you want to discuss with your helper. There are some tasks that are difficult to explain in words that is why you need to show them some videos on how to do it. Try searching videos on YouTube with your helper and ask her questions about it.

Visual instructions can help your helper to easily understand what you are trying to say, without putting too much effort and time. It also becomes more memorable to them when they see it with their eyes. Because, who doesn’t? “A picture worths a thousand words.” Right?

Training is not that time consuming if you do it in a right way. So go ahead! There is no shame in being efficient. Follow these simple steps and use your own little precious time to some things that are surely worth it.

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