10 Household Hacks

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Is that stubborn stain on the coffee mug bugging you or that grease stained kitchen stove irritating you?

MamaHelpers has compiled the top 10 most common household problems that we face in our daily lives.

The most common problem would be . . . . . . . .

1. A burnt pan
We know that it is so frustrating to scrub with all our might. It’s like a constant battle in the kitchen.. With the frying pan….. We heard that vinegar and baking soda does the trick! Simply fill the pan with water and add a cup of white vinegar. Bring it to a boil and remove from stove. Add two tablespoons of baking soda and let it cool for a few minutes. Then you’re ready to wipe that nasty burn away.

2. Pick up small glass
It sucks when you accidentally drop a bowl and it shatters on the floor. Glass shards on the floor are a tricky mess to solve and picking up the pieces with your hands are a bad idea. Try pressing a piece of bread over the area and this should pick up even the tiniest pieces that you missed out. Remember to protect your foot and slip on a slipper before going over that area.

3. Clogged drain
Unclogging a drain can be a dreadful task for many. All you need is ½ cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar and boiling water! Pour the baking soda followed by the vinegar into the drain and wait 15 minutes. Next pour boiling water in. Voilà you’re done! It sure is as easy as it sounds!

4. Smelly sneakers
Smelly footwear that can be smelled from a thousand miles away are a definite turnoff. The next time your employer’s kid comes back from soccer practice, try sprinkling some baking soda inside to rid the smell.

5. Stinky garbage
Garbage stinks and this is a fact we can’t change. Your employer might even blame you for being lazy for not bringing the trash out. A no brainer step here would quickly solve the problem. Take some lemon slices and run them through the garbage disposal. In no time, your kitchen would smell fresh!

6. Dirty Chopping board
Chopping board that is dirty is a good place for bacteria and other germs to manifest. This is undesirable as food will also be easily contaminated. Sprinkle some kosher salt on the chopping board and half a lemon to scrub. This will leave your chopping board as good as new and chemical free.

7. Sweater fuzz
One way of removing sweater fuzz is using a razor but be careful not to press too hard or you will end up with a ripped sweater at the end of it.

8. Dirty Tile Floors
Greasy, and filthy tile floors are a horror to step on. To remove such stains, try using baking soda and bleach to scrub the grimiest grout away.

9. Dirty microwave oven
A dirty microwave oven will contaminate the food you heat up. Use a microwave safe dish and fill it up with washing detergent and water and run it for a minute. Next wipe with a wet sponge.

10. Dirty TV screen
Use a damp coffee filter to clean TV screens and monitors. Do not use a cloth as it leave the screen with fibers that makes the screen looks worse. The coffee filter works wonders! Try it out and let us know!

Mamahelpers is dedicated to finding solutions for both you and your employer to live comfortably. Watch this space for more updates!

A cleaner home, a happier employer, a happier you.

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7 ways to make your employer satisfy with your meal planing

Posted: 25/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Tired of planning to cook? Feeling unappreciated all the time when you cook? Employer is complaining that your food is repetitive, too salty, too oily?

Read more to find out how to cook and eat more healthily.

1. Plan ahead
By planning ahead, this gives you enough time to think about cooking a balanced diet. Often, a meal that is cooked without enough preparation time will tend to have a chance to be unhealthy as you would often seek fast options. For example, instead of using fresh tomatoes, you would probably grab the nearest can of canned or frozen vegetables and make do with it. Planning ahead of what you cook would give you more time to gather the right ingredients that you need.

2. Cook in the right proportion
Cooking just the right amount would prevent you from overeating. This helps you from eating less and you might even lose weight! It also prevents wastage of food and you trying to squeeze the leftovers in the fridge. This will also help your employer save money and they will definitely thank you in the long run!

3. Use healthy seasonings
The next time you want to sprinkle some salt into your dish, you might want to think twice. Try substituting salt with herbs and spices the next time round.

4. Cook seasonally
Always remember that in-season produce always taste much better than out-of-season produce because it will have more vitamins and antioxidants. Have you heard that fresh ingredients taste better and look more visually appealing on your plate. You will leave your employer begging for seconds of your fried chicken wings.

5. Have more vegetables
Fret not! This is not asking you to turn vegetarian. It is recommended to include more flora in your employer’s dishes and try out a more plant based diet. You can also suggest to your employer to have one or two vegetarian meals in a week.

6. Snack healthily
Snacking can be healthy if you do it right. There are several healthy snacks that are equally tasty such as avocado sandwich or try making your own kale chips the next time your employer ask for a snack. Once they have tried them, they will never go back to eating those chips anymore. They will definitely be appreciative of your efforts to go the extra mile! Trust me!

7. Skip out the bad carbohydrates
Do not entirely skip out carbohydrates but consume less of bad carbohydrates such as white rice or pasta. Instead try to eat more whole grain food or switch white rice to brown rice for a healthier option.

Remember, healthy cooking pays off in the long run.
A satisfied employer, a healthier you!

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Activities to do with your employer's kid

Posted: 18/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Don’t know how to handle the kid in the summer?

Are your employer’s kids giving you trouble at home? Want to bond more with the kids?

Research shows that if you spend more time trying to understand and bond with the child, they would be closer to you and more willing to listen to you.


Read on to learn more about what you can do!!

Here are 7 EASY AND FREE activities that you can do with your employer’s kids this summer to get closer!

1. Get crafty
Let kids explore their creative and imaginative side! Why not make use of the remaining paint from art class that is lying around and encourage kids to start to DIY. It can be painting, making a new scrapbook or even tie dying one of their old shirts. Do not fret if things get messy and cleaning up is a chore. Cleaning up can also be fun and a good way to teach the child to clean up after themselves.

2. Go outdoors
What is a better time to go outdoors other than now. Slap on some sunblock and put on a hat and you’re on your way to having some fun! Teach your employer’s kid a new skill such as cycling or have long walks in the park and get close to nature while having deep conversations with them to understand what they are feeling.

3. Play board games and puzzles
Board games and puzzles are interactive activities that stimulates children's minds and keep them occupied. Do not think that board games are boring. In fact they are so entertaining that you will be looking forward to the next rainy day that keeps you indoor. For a more lighthearted game, try twister! Before you know it, you and your employer’s child will be tangled up in the fun in no time. What a way to get closer!

4. Cook together
Your employer’s child giving you a headache each meal time? Secretly throwing their greens away into the bin before you can stop it? Don’t worry! Here is a tip for you that will get the child to eat more vegetables than you expect. Involve the child in planning what to eat for the day and even cook up a storm together. This way, the child will feel more involved in the eating process and feel that they have a say in decision making. Other than cooking, baking can also be another way of getting kids to be more involved in the kitchen. Just be mindful of kitchen hazards and the hot kitchen stove!

5. Keep fit together
Put on your favourite music and start dancing away. Exercising with your employer’s kid can be a fun way to bond and interact. Think of how you and the child struggle to complete a certain dance move and laugh at each other. FYI, laughing burns calories too.

6. Library visits
Schedule weekly library visits with the child. Keep an eye out for storytelling, puppet shows and other programmes they have going on in the library. Do not forget about yourself and grab a book to read too!

7. Tidy up together
Get the child involved in tidying up the house with you. For example, making their own bed and washing their own dishes. Sometimes, the child wants to help out but is not given a chance to do so.

So, are you ready to start having fun with your employer’s child? Bear in mind to discuss with your employer ideas that you have before starting these activities as they might have their views as well. Always get your employer’s approval before bringing the child out and remember safety is of utmost importance.

A happier child, a happier you!
Have fun!

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How To Improve Your Helper’s Productivity

Posted: 10/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Do you wish that your helper would be more focus and be an achiever? Do you want her to work with a higher energy level and accomplish more in a shorter period of time? Do you hope to see improvements in her performance, rather than a slow and steady decline? Here are some tips that you can motivate your helper to be a productive member of your family.

  • We often assume that poorly performing helpers are just lazy with poor work ethic. However, have you ever think about if they have taken adequate rest? The productivity of your helper isn’t always given. According to the Human Performance Institute in Florida, improving the quantity and quality of rest is one of the most effective ways to work more efficiently. Basically, when we are rested we think better, can work longer, can concentrate more, are more creative and achieve more.”

  • Domestic workers are more focused and motivated when they know exactly what is expected toward them. So, try to make sure that your helper’s tasks are as clear and as narrow as possible. Avoid frequently interrupting your helper as she works, or constantly redirecting her work. Research says that working in 90 minute bursts boosts productivity. Constant interruptions, whether in the office or home, hurt productivity. If you are a stay at home mom, try not to always interrupt your helper with new tasks. Just because you think of something, doesn't mean you have to say it right away. Write it down, and after she has been able to concentrate on the tasks at hand for 60-90 minutes, then add the new task to her list of things to do, according to its priority.

  • Invest in your helper’s happiness. In a recent study, a boost in your helper’s happiness led to an increase in productivity. After all, it is everyone’s desire to be recognized for their efforts. You will be surprised at how powerful a $10 gift card can be. When she feels that she was genuinely respected, you will have an appreciative and productive helper.

  • There is no hope of increasing your helper’s efficiency if she doesn’t know that she is being efficient in the first place. Provide regular helpful feedback to your helper in a manner that she can be encouraged. It doesn’t have to be always positive, because that’s how management works. You also need to correct her when needed.

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Make An Organized Grocery List With Your Helper

Posted: 06/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Do you sometimes find yourself in the middle of the grocery aisles, confused and wondering, “What brand of pasta sauce to buy? How many eggs do I need?”. Then, you will start throwing stuff in your grocery cart. after return home. Only to order take-out every night that week because you somehow have nothing to make?

Grocery shopping can be a difficult task, even for the most organized person in the world. Having a well-planned grocery list can keep your helper on track and help her in minimizing impulse buying while saving a lot of money. The following tips will help you advise your helper to prepare a healthy grocery shopping list with smart choices.

  • Create a “to-buy” list and tacked it someplace central in your home. From the moment she notice that your home out of something you’ll need, make a note of it on the list. On that way, she won’t have to stress out about remembering all the things you need to buy.

  • Between work, being a parent and trying to exercise consistently, you need to have a two running list with you: one with what you have and one with what you need. What you have is something you can look at when you don’t feel like thinking what food to eat. On the other hand, what you need is something you use on a regular basis. It is also where you will put your meals that you want to make for the following week.

  • Share your list with your helper. Your helper may be confused on what you have and what you may need. Make sure to explain everything and let her know what to do to avoid dupes. Make sure that she will understand the list and the whole making process. Make your helper help you in making every decision on what food to buy, who knows? Maybe she can add something that is beyond your idea.

  • Particularly when she is shopping for food, it is a smart idea to keep her grocery purchases as balanced as possible. Try to think how each item will affect your life in the long run. Don’t just write it down because it is your favorite or your family loves it. You will be able to better judge which foods are the best for your life and for your family.

  • Another thing that you should remember is to create a recipe board detailing the meals you would like to eat for the whole week, which includes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. If you do this, make sure to include the amount of each food you will need.

Your list doesn’t have to be completed. Grocery lists serve as a guide to stick to your nutrition goals. In addition, preparing a meal plan and list can save time and money. You may also avoid being drawn in by advertisements and sales.

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How to hire foreign caregivers that are experienced in taking care of elderly?

Posted: 03/07/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Due to the aging problem in Hong Kong, the demand of caregivers for elderly have been increasing rapidly since 2010. According to the Legislative Council Secretariat, the number of elderly is expected to exceed 230,000 by end of year 2034. Thus, it is believed that there is an increase in the needs of caregivers that professional in supervising elderly.

MamaHelpers are aware of this phenomenon, hence, here are some suggestions and advice to employers who are interested in hiring domestic helpers for elderly.

Firstly, the expected salary of experienced helpers is generally higher than the minimum salary ($4410), especially those with the acquired skills of taking care of disable or chronic patients. However, some employers believe that they can still hire acknowledged helpers with the minimum wage, so these families often end up facing difficulties in hiring skillful caregivers at home. Generally, knowledgeable helpers often request a higher income because they are popular among the employers. Therefore, if the offered salary cannot reach their expectations, employers may have to raise the wage or come a consensus with the helpers in order to hire them.

Secondly, the addresses of the employers may also effect of the decisions of helpers, especially those who have just finished their contracts in Hong Kong. It is because they have experiences in living in Hong Kong, hence they may have requirements on employers, for example, employers who live in remote areas, such as Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai may not be taken under consideration. Also, caregivers may request to have their own bedroom because of a higher privacy. Thus, employers that does not fulfil the requirements may need to raise the salary to attract more experienced domestic helpers.

Last but not least, MamaHelpers has organized MamaHelpers Academy for helpers and employers that who are interested in training their caregivers in learning how to take care of elderly and patients who suffer from chronic diseases. If you have any enquiries, please browse our Facebook page, TheCovo Global Migrant Community or contact 9794 5841 to know more.

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Proper Meal and Rest time for your Helper

Posted: 25/06/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Everyone will definitely know about Erwina’s case in 2014. This case has created a tremendous social awareness on the domestic helper exploitation. Ironically, it has been 4 years since then and the number of helper exploitation cases annually has yet to decrease.

According to a survey done by Forbes Magazine, 90% of the domestic helpers stated that their employer does not provide them with adequate amount of rest time. Numerous of the participant also mentioned that on average they work 71.4 hours on a weekly basis as compared to the Hong Kong city’s average work hours which ranges from 40-50 per week. Although the legislation on the maximum working hours for domestic helpers in Hong Kong is not yet constitutionalize, however, helpers should still be given a sufficient amount of break and rest. Domestic helpers have a very demanding day to day workload as it requires a lot of physical as well as emotional energy to ensure that their employers’ house is clean and also take care of the children or elderly. As a result of working long hours, their physical mental health are threaten and a lot of them even suffer from fatigue or anxiety.

Therefore, it is essential that employers ensure their helpers received a sufficient rest time and concern about their helpers physical and emotional well-being. It is believe that when helper have proper rest, they will have a better focus, more happy, more energetic and able to finish their work more efficiently. Thus, we suggested that domestic helpers should not work longer than 12 hours so they have more personal time and refresh their energy. Moreover, the helpers can take a 10 to 20 minutes break for every 3 to 4 hours work to relieve their physical stress and regain energy.

In addition, in a seperate new from South China Morning Post, it is reported that many of the domestic workers are well supplied for food by their employers. According to the government policy and employment contract, it is clearly stated that employers have the obligation to provide sufficient food or else subsidize the domestic helper to find her own nourishment. In on the article published by Harvard Health Publishing, it is emphasized that through a balanced diet, one keep their energy at high level and maintain a better focus throughout the day. Hence, we suggest employers to always provide a proper diet not only for their family but also towards their helper. Ensure that there will always be vegetables, meat, and even carbohydrate component such as rice to boost your and your helper’s energy everyday. Another suggestion is that employers should also know the restriction on food not only limited to religion restriction such as pork or beef but also some other food that your helper might be allergy with.

Through this blogpost, we hope after implementing the step aforementioned above, employers and helpers can live together to create a communion and joyful working environment.

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Domestic Helper Tips: Learn How to Cope With Homesickness

Posted: 18/06/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Pursuing a better career opportunity is one of the things that can pull you away from your home. The experience can be very complicated. You will miss your home, the food and your family.

Homesickness is one of the toughest challenges that foreign domestic workers are facing. Homesickness symptoms may vary from person to person. But in general, it can make you feel upset, distressed, isolated and lonely. It is inevitable and something that each and every helpers will go through. So it takes work and effort to overcome it. Here are some tips to help you cope with homesickness a little bit easier:

  • Take at least one item, whether it can be personal to you or something that will help you feel connected to home and provide you with a sense of familiarity. Try to balance old with new. It is important to embrace the changes that you’re experiencing. Try to see the new place with a positive mindset and venture out new things that interest you.
  • Find your passion, or simply try a new skill. There are a lot of things that you can do to occupy your free time or motivate you. If you want to upskill yourself and become professional, you can join MamaHelpers Academy; If taking pictures is your passion, then why don’t you join MamaHelpers Photography group. If you want to visit new places and do something meaningful, why don’t you join the activities from MamaHelpers Volunteers; At the same time, you may do a little research about where you’re living and find few places you absolutely have to explore.
  • Take advantage of modern technologies. It is an amazing way to stay in touch with people no matter where you are in the world. Whatsapp, Line, Kakaotalk, Facebook Messenger are a few of the widely used mobile messengers all over the country. Talking with your loved ones in hometown can help you feel supported and connected.
  • Happiness is a choice! It will drive you working through any difficult feelings. You don’t need to sulk and wallow in your sadness. In this new era, there are many things that can connect you to your family, and feel like you are just beside them. Forming new friends, and hobbies can make things bearable.

Remember, working overseas is a good memory to keep and will help you form new skills. Never forget that you are not the only one who work abroad. In this new place, you will learn something that is really valuable. So cheer up and have fun!

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Tips for Domestic Helpers: How to Get Children To Do Their Homework?

Posted: 11/06/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Parents around the world would love the magic formula to encourage kids to do their homework. At the same time, it's not as simple as waving a wand. In order to make your employer happy, here are some methods for encouraging your kids to develop and stick to a regular homework routine.

As the kid’s guardian, you need to make them feel that it is important by taking an active interest in their homework. Effective encouragement will also be about changing your own approach to homework enforcement. Don't worry, it's easy, it's just about taking a moment to work it through. There are 3 simple tips to make the process less painful for you and for the kids.

  • Set-up a friendly area.
    You have to make sure that the workspace is well-lit, comfortable, and free from distractions such as TV, mobile phones, or family members. If you will be needing an internet for his schoolwork, try to consider parental controls which is available through your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Schedule a daily study time. Make the kid decides.
    Make a schedule for completing homework. Creating a routine will help children know what to expect. You may want to allow them to have a break between the time that school ends and the time they need to start their homework. For example, allow them to spend one hour doing activities of their choice after school before doing homework.
    Allow the kids to have a say in creating the schedule. If they feel like their opinions have been heard and considered, they’re more likely to stick to the plan. Agree on homework-free times, such as Friday nights or one weekend day, and allow them to plan how they use this free time.
  • Be the kid’s motivator. Monitor him, not control him.
    Children are motivated, they just may not be motivated the way some parents like them to be. Be there for the kid. Give him encouragement, check completed homework, and as a helper, make yourself available for the questions and concerns. The child will develop confidence and a love of learning from doing it themselves.
  • Be a good model
    Be a good example by showing your own love of learning. You can help the kid understand that building knowledge is something to enjoy throughout life. Talk to your kids about the importance of homework, and how a good education can benefit them throughout their lives. Explain to them that as an adult, you make more money if you have more education. Ask them what careers they’d be interested in, and explain the type of education necessary for each. Encourage effort and determination, not just the grades they get.

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How to Help Your Helper Fight Depression?

Posted: 04/06/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

While we all feel sad, moody, or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely for long periods of time and sometimes without any apparent reason. Depression is more than just a low mood. It is a serious mood disorder that negatively affects how you feel, think and act. If your helper struggles with depression, you know how hard it can be and you might even wonder what you can do in order to help her. Your support and encouragement can play an important role in her recovery.

You are already a great person if you want to be there for your depressed helper. But even when you have a really good intention, it can be really hard to know exactly what help you can give to her. Every individual is different on how they handle depression, but here are a few guidelines that can help you support your helper in their recovery while maintaining your own emotional equilibrium.

  1. Be informed about what depression really is. There are countless articles on the internet today where you can learn about depression and its symptoms. You may not be able to cure your helper but you can understand her condition by educating yourself and what kind of mood disorder she has.
  2. Be there for your helper. Always remember that being compassionate listener is much more important than giving an advice. If she feels like talking, ask her how she was going. Encourage your helper to talk about her feelings and be willing to listen without judgment. Being supportive as her employer involves encouragement and hope.
  3. Put yourself in your helper’s shoes. It is impossible for a depressed person to just “forget about it” or “cheer up”. Stress is a significant contributor to depression. You need to identify the sources of stress in her life and help her brainstorm about ways to reduce it.
  4. You need to remind your helper that they’re incredibly strong and worthy to love. Let them know that it’s their illness you’re frustrated with, not them. If you feel like you can’t control your helper’s recovery, you can encourage them to seek help by suggesting a doctor or therapist that can help them through the process.
  5. Depression is contagious. It can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting to deal with someone who is experiencing it. You can only support your helper if you know how to look after yourself first. To avoid resentment, learn how to set limits on what you are willing and able to do. You are not your helper’s therapist, so don’t take that as your responsibility.

If you think that your helper might be considering suicide, talk to them about your concerns as soon as possible. Often people feel uncomfortable bringing up the topic but it is one of the best things you can do for someone who is thinking about killing themselves. Talking openly about it can save your helper’s life. Attention is the most important thing we ever give to each other, especially if it’s given from the bottom of our heart. Caring is more important than understanding.

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Simple Ways to Save Money (For domestic helper)

Posted: 04/06/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Hundred thousand of domestic workers decided to work abroad for one reason: to feed and support their family financially. The huge amount of salary are always attractive to the Overseas Foreign Worker and enhance their financial situation. However, despite earning 2-3 times higher than working in their own country, many of them are still struggling in saving up. As a matter of fact, due to poor money management and expense record, they don’t have much saving and don’t know where they spend the money for.

Weekend overspending, going out with friends, and purchasing an unnecessary gadget or smartphone are some of the reasons why the saving amount in their bank remain stagnant or even depleting. Moreover, infidelity, failed business deals, and cheated by their friends or strangers can be another reason.

While we acknowledge the importance of saving yet we failed to put the action into real life as a result of our poor discipline and failure to identify the purpose of why we want to save. Sometimes all it takes is to step in the right direction and get things moving in our favor. But, as with most commitment or habit, the first step is always the hardest part. That’s why we’ve compiled a super simple, easy-to-implement 5 steps for you to start saving money right now.

  1. Make a list of all of your expenses on daily basis
    It is essential to record your expenses on daily basis. There are numerous of money expense record that is available in Play Store or Apps Store to download. This apps allows you as well to categorize your expense such as food, transportation, etc.
  2. Review your expense record at the end of the month
    INow you have a clear guideline of how much you spend on each aspect of life, it is time to review and evaluate your spending. Try to compare with your own initial budget for each category and if the amount exceed your budget, plan a way to reduce it.
  3. Plan how much you want to save and your monthly expense
    A small misconception of saving that a lot of people are having is that they save the remaining amount at the end of the month while on the other hand successful people put aside an amount for their saving at the beginning of the month. Therefore, it is important to have a clear plan on how much we want to save on monthly basis whether it will be 20% or 25% of your income and budget the remaining amount for your daily expenses.
  4. Why do I need to save?
    Understanding the purpose why you want to save is another key. This approach will serve as a push factor/ motivation for us to save money. The purpose can be varies from our children’s education, purchasing house in our home country, establishing our own business, or even early retirement.
  5. Make it as a habit
    Continuous action will eventually become a habit. Eventually this habit will bring a positive impact into your life.

Some of these aforementioned suggestions take just a few minutes, while others require a bit of regular effort. Always remember, small changes sometimes provide a huge difference into our life and over time, your persistence and commitment will be rewarded.

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Effective Ways in Handling Hyperactive Child

Posted: 01/06/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Hyperactive children tend to have trouble in unclear environments and the parents and also for the domestic helper might feel difficulties in handling them. Hyperactive children are unstable, they keep on bouncing from activity to activity with illimitable energy. They may also have a difficulty in listening or following directions.

Managing a hyperactive child presents a unique set of challenges and following a few tips, however, can make the burden easier to bear. So here, MamaHelpers has come up with effective ways on how to handle hyperactive children. All it takes is a few small adjustments in your strategies for taking care the child and the way you interact with them.

  1. Vent the child’s energy and calm their minds. Take them out and bring them to green surroundings. Green surroundings can benefit human health in many ways. Try to be more patient and be insistent to calm the child’s mind and put his energy to good use, such as outdoor sports. Outdoor sports demand constant movement and so are ideal for handling a hyperactive child.
  2. Give them your complete attention and lend an ear to their concerns, interests, and apprehensions. Also get them to make to-do lists and break down the instructions given to them. Helping your child get responsible will help you and be rewarding for your child too. It can be something as simple as filling up bottles or clearing up the table after dinner. A written list also gives the child a visual reference to use when he becomes distracted or forgets what he is supposed to do. Teach the child to refer to the list whenever he is bored or unsure what to do next.
  3. Children with hyperactivity find it very difficult to handle anger, sadness, and worry. Help them to deal with their feelings and tell them what is good and what is bad. Give praise and rewards if the child does great things and allow him to reward himself by assigning tasks that lead to a prize.

Next time the child does something that causes your blood to boil, leave the room, take a few deep breaths, or do something else to calm yourself. When you demonstrate self-calming techniques in this way, you teach the child the importance of managing his emotions.
If you do lose your temper, do not hesitate to apologize to the child.

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Why Should You Hire A Domestic Helper From The Rural Areas

Posted: 28/05/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

There are a lot of things that needed to consider before selecting a suitable domestic helper for your family. It happens to have a great impact on where did your helper raised because that is the way where you can distinguish what kind of environment she lived in and how it is being connected to her personality.

According to the experts, there is a large percentage of helpers who came from rural areas having a good work records than people living in urban areas. Why? Here are the characteristics that the helper living in rural have and why you should hire them.

  • People living in rural areas have intimate face-to-face relationships than of that person living in urban areas. The density of the population here is low that is why the chances of face-to-face contacts with each other are higher. In the village, everyone knows everyone. If you want a helper who will take care of your family members especially your kids, it is better to consider these things on your top lists. Rural people tend to be more sensitive toward others and have a great way of dealing other people’s personality.
  • Agriculture is the fundamental occupation and forms of the basis of the rural people. They need to perform various agricultural activities for which they need the cooperation of the whole members. Usually, the members so happen to be their family members. Think of the possibilities that the helper from rural areas are more cooperative and disciplined.
  • Another characteristic feature of people living in the rural area is that they valued tradition so much. The degree of solidarity there is higher than of those who are living in urban areas. The family is the one who will introduce custom, tradition, and culture of their society. It is their basis of unity there. That is why if you want to hire someone who knows how to cook, rural people have the most number inherited recipes and skills in terms of cooking.

The rural community is one of the hard-working people, who often struggle to make a living. They often feel left behind with little or no support from the government. It didn’t stop them from dreaming of a better life for their family. They tend to do more and give their best when it comes to work.

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The Importance of Caregiver Training for Domestic Helpers

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Caregiver course helps your domestic helper to be aware that they can have professional skills to care for their client with grave medical condition. Caregiver training is a very important aspect of increasing your helper’s knowledge and how they can extend their knowledge to help someone in any kind of incident or it could be anything.

It is vital that the helper who looks after your family for 8 hours a day or more is properly trained in the basic emergency medical care. Accidents happen anywhere when you least expect it and giving first aid is the best assistance given to the victim while waiting for the professionals to set foot. Having a knowledge of first aid, the helper can neglect the feeling of hopelessness when someone needs help. The helper doesn't have to wait for the doctor because knowing few skills of first aid can make a hope for saving lives in kind of emergency.

While it’s useful to have one physician overseeing all of your family members, if your domestic helper happens to be trained as a caregiver, she can help ensure that appointments are being made, medicines are properly prescribed and issues are caught and addressed far before they become a life-threatening situation.

There are many training centers offering Caregiver courses for domestic helpers. Checking what type of training covered is completely essential. The training center cannot hand out a Caregiver certificate randomly and should be accredited by a reputable body.

MamaHelpers Academy always supports foreign helpers who are passionate in broadening their knowledge and upgrading their ability. We are delighted to see an outstanding learners and to reward their hard work.

MamaHelpers Academy Diploma in Caregiving for The Elderly, Disabled and Chronic Patients Course overview:

The objective of this course is to help students develop solid knowledge background and necessary practical skills to fulfill the role of caregivers for the client’s family. We regard caregiving as a professional skill in society and try to address the following questions in the course: What are the responsibilities of the caregiver? What knowledge and mentality should a good caregiver be equipped with? What are the practical tools that can help caregiver perform their tasks better? We’ll dig deeply into these questions in the course through case study, class activities and discussion to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of caregiving.

Enquiry Hotline: +852 97945841

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How to Write Attractive Job Post

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A compelling job description can be the difference between being the multi-coated candy in the eye of your readers or losing them to another competitive employer. When it comes to attracting the best and experienced applicants, the job title and description are as important as the salary offer. MamaHelpers is a powerful place where you can find helper who is best suits to your preferences.

There are a lot of job content that are too long, too technical or just too boring. A clear, concise job title and thoughtfully detailed job description will help you to find the qualified candidate.

Here are some tips on writing the job description:
  • 1. Focus on the applicant’s needs

    You will have a better shot at resonating with job seekers if you focus more on their needs. Use catchy buzzwords that are eye-catchy. An eye-catching title and exclamation points might help an applicant to take notice. As much as possible, try to address the concerns of the applicants like: (1) What will my workday look like? (2) What opportunities will be available for me?

    Plain language is important. Avoid words that people wouldn’t understand.
  • 2. Omit tasks and responsibilities that don’t need to be spelled out

    Job descriptions with a large number of words have the higher chance of low experienced candidates. Every word counts. Don’t be afraid to cut out extraneous information for stronger job postings. Use a straightforward language to answer your applicant’s questions.
  • 3. Never forget the three R’s

    You need to indicate the Responsibilities, Requirements, and Rewards to your job detailed description. Don’t over format your contents. Consider editing your content to increase focus and remove redundancies.

Above are some tips for your reference only. You may also visit the MamaHelpers app to see sample job descriptions and titles that also made by the employers. Wish you all finding the best helper by MamaHelpers!

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How to Prevent the Helper’s from Cancelling the Application?

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The interview with the applicant through phone screen turns out really successful. You liked the personality that the applicant presented to you and you already foresee that there is a great possibility that you will hire her as your helper. Now, you are just waiting for the face-to-face interview. You both agreed on the time and date, and everything seems nice … but unfortunately, the applicant cancels on you! Then suddenly, you are seeing yourself starting the whole process again. All of your time and effort has been all wasted.

As the number of employers who are searching for a skilled applicant increases, the higher also the chances of that applicant to cancel on you. There is a possibility that the helper will start looking for another employer that can meet their expectations. It is frustrating. But does it really have to be that way? Here’s the good news! You may now prevent the applicants from cancellation and no-show. How? Read the list that MamaHelpers just created for you.

  • Find genuinely interested applicant
    Let us say that you are a very busy person, and that’s obviously the reason why you are looking for a helper. But, it is important for you to put at least enough time to find a right helper for your family. This is also to prevent you from searching for another one in the future.

    You must know if the applicant is genuinely interested in the job. Have a detailed conversation with her. List down all the questions you want to ask about her. Help the applicant to understand the nature and role of their work on the interview. Most importantly, learn how to listen. Listen to every detail that they are telling you and see how they exactly answer your questions.
  • Do follow-ups
    You don’t want the applicant to cancel, of course. So follow up through email or message about the nature of the helper’s work. You have to make sure that they will conform to the interview that you set for them. Don’t rely on one message only, do the follow-up message. Send them messages near the date of your appointment. Build a human connection from the very beginning of your conversation. It will help you to lessen the chance of the applicant to cancel to you.
  • Consider yourself getting into the applicant’s calendar
    Make a schedule of an interview near from the date you first make a conversation with each other. The longer the wait, the higher the chance the applicant will search for another employer. Give them a big reason to say yes for the job that you are offering to them by giving them a good experience through the whole process.

    As much as possible, stop yourself from rescheduling the interview unless you really needed to. In the applicant’s side, you will look like you are not organized enough or that you are hiding something as an employer.
  • Never lose hope
    If the applicant cancels to you, don’t lose hope. Never give up. There is a greater possibility that if you want that helper, there is also another employer who will like her. After all, you can try again until you can find the best helper for you.

So what are you waiting for? Implement these strategies and stand a better chance to prevent cancellations of applicants. Good luck and happy searching!

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Create Your Own Preferences: The Ideal Helper

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The helper will be living with you and your family in the same house so it is important that you know from the very beginning how well the helper’s behavior and characteristics are. There is nothing wrong with being cautious when it comes to the welfare of your family and order of your home. It is suitable for you to make a list of your preferences on what characteristics your future helper should have.

Age - You need to consider first the quality you want your helper to have. If you want a helper who is jolly, energetic and can give entertainment to your family, you can find a younger helper. On the other hand, if you want to have an organize and mature helper, you can choose older and experienced helper. But you have to make sure that your preferences are balanced when it comes to their age because not all young helpers are industrious, and not all old helpers are mature and orderly enough.

At times, choosing a helper in terms of their age is not really the thing. It’s the experience you need to consider the most. If you are looking for a helper to take care of your child, you need to find someone who has experience with children, patient, and kind who can treat and love your child as their own.

Location – One of the factors you need to consider is from what country your helper came from and where is the specific place your helper grew up. If you are going to hire a Filipino helper you need to find someone who grew up in the province because they are the one who knows how to cook good and quality cuisines. Those who live in the city is more knowledgeable when it comes to machines and technologies, it is best for you to choose them when you want someone to do the household chores.

Clearance Papers – Ensure that the helper has their updated clearance papers. The clearance papers are consisting of NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, Medical Certificate and Birth Certificate. This is to make sure that the helper will not burden you hereafter.

One of the best aspects of having a satisfactory experience with your helper is to start emphasizing prevention than the cure itself. But then, besides prevention, you also need to learn to deal with the dilemma after they occur.

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Do I Need to Send My Helper to a Cooking Class?

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There is a lot of employers who are being blessed by having a helper who is really good when it comes to cooking. You do not need to discriminate a helper instantly just because she doesn’t know how to hold a skillet correctly, every helper has their own skills and specializations. And that uniqueness is what makes them more valuable. So, if you have a family who loves food very much and makes it as your every bonding, it is a must to have a helper that works great especially when it comes to the kitchen.

What if there is a scenario where the helper you hired is not that good at cooking? Do you need to send the helper to a cooking class? The answer will always depend on you!

If you have a capability to bring your helper to school, she will surely have a lifetime memorable experience and skills which can be used for daily basis. You will rest assured with every dishes your helper will serve in front of your family.

On the other hand, it is not totally a shortfall if you did not send your helper to school if you really do not have enough budget and time to do that. Instead, you can educate your helper by showing her videos or pictures of different kind of food recipes that you want her to learn. Showing her videos or pictures will make your helper more engage right off the bat. Getting videos doesn't mean that you have to get out your camera. You can rely on YouTube, which has a seriously vast library of cooking resources. You can also offer step-by-step pictures so that your helper could go back and check what she had missed. You don't have to set up a separate photo shoot to take these photos, you can simply snap some pictures with your phone and get some pictures from the internet. You do not have to pressure yourself or give all the burden to your helper. You just have to start with the basic techniques that will get your helper through a busy week and much more likely to stick with it.

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How to Hire a Domestic Helper Using MamaHelpers App?

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Have you been stressed out in the repeated scenario where you will run to the agency and then they will give you a helper who you will just meet when it arrives in front of your door? What if your expectation does not meet your helper? That you expect it to be so kind, loving, positive attitude but not in real life? Does the idea make you salve? Have you imagined putting effort into hiring that helper but really not worth it at all? It is a complete waste of time and of course, money. You will ask yourself, “How to hire a domestic helper who I know for sure will meet or exceed my expectation even if the helper is not yet in my country?”

Because of unbelievable change of time and fast movement of technology in the current generation, the answer to your problem is finally launched last September 2017, the MamaHelpers mobile app! The app is totally free of charge so you can download it from your App Store or Play Store without worrying about the payment. There are 150,000 + domestic helpers who are hungrily searching for jobs in the app and the best thing here is that you do not have to wait for a long time just to get to know them! You can message the helpers right away while you are there, sitting in front of your television, watching your favorite telenovela.

How to know if the helper in the app is suitable for me and my family? Click the link below this blog that we, MamaHelpers prepared for you. You can drag the helper and use another platform like Skype or WhatsApp for the online face to face interview. You do not have to worry if the effort you will make is really worth it or not, because indeed it is.

When hiring a suitable helper for you and your family is one of the important things that you, yourself needs to pay more attention. It is essential to hire a helper based on the character not by skills. You can train them if they lacked out skills. But you cannot teach them how to be good towards others.

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How to Take My Helper With Me On Holidays?

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You alloted your entire time working for your family for the past months, so you deserve a trip or two for yourself. You are entitled to have a vacation after that tedious period and time that you spend on your work, and the first thing that comes to your mind is to go out of the country with the whole family. You wanted also to take your helper with you to help you out in taking care of your family. But how? How can you take your helper with you on your holiday?

The first thing that you need to do is to ask the immigration officials about the type of visa that your helper needs in the country that you wanted to visit. If you don’t meet the appropriate visa, the domestic helper can be arrested and charged for violating the immigration law. It will cost you more than what you will pay for the whole trip with your family. Too depressing, right?

You need to check also the compensation and medical insurances to ensure that your helper is all covered wherever you go. And make sure that you will inform your employment agency that you will go to take your helper with you on your holiday. Why? The agency takes full responsibility for their applicants until the end of its contract.

Be prepared at all times so you will be able to fully enjoy the furlough that you wanted without any stressed along the way. Enjoy holiday!

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Is It Necessary to Demand a Reference Letter from the Previous Employer of the Helper?

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Before hiring a domestic helper, there are employers who keeps on insisting for their reference letters from the previous employers for them to know if the helper is capable of taking care their families. Of course, who doesn’t want their family to be safe and secure in the hands of a stranger? And to think that you’re going to let this stranger sleep and eat in your own house together with your young ones. To think that the rate of child kidnapping in many parts of the world is already increasing every month based on the recent news. It is better safe than sorry, right?

Many employers think that if they demand a reference letter from the applicant, it is easy for them to trust the helper. However, demanding a reference letter from the applicant can sometimes be more difficult for them. This is maybe for a reason that their previous employer terminated them or they break their contract because their employer is not treating them right. There is also a possibility that they are still working and they don’t want their employer to know that they are applying for a new job.

There are circumstances that if the helper breaks their contract or is being terminated for bad reason, their previous employer might speak cruelly or rude about the helper. And if the employer gives a good remark about the helper, it doesn’t mean that you will hire that person for an instant.

Whatever the reason is, as an employer, you need to remember why you are hiring a helper in the first place. You need to make sure that the helper is the right person for your family. You need to consider things like the character and how determine and kind they are when you speak and look at them. You cannot guarantee that you made a right decision for choosing them that instantly but you can at least give yourself a chance to know them better for a short period of time based on their responses to you.

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Is It Okay to Give My Helper a Permission to Join in MamaHelpers?

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MamaHelpers is a mobile application where the employers and applicants can meet. You can do this by downloading the app on your mobile phones and wait, did I mentioned already that the MamaHelpers app is free to download? Ah yes! That is true, it is 100% free. You can download it using your Android or iOS phone. It is indeed a good news for every helpers and employers out there because they can find each other that easily. But, what will you do if you found out that your helper is joining a group or event where MamaHelpers name is involved? You will start questioning yourself, “Is my helper searching for her new employer” or “Is my helper not happy under my management anymore?”. Too depressing to think, but worry not! Why? I will tell you why.

Did you know that MamaHelpers is not about searching for employment only? MamaHelpers have their own Academy where they are giving away free certificates for the Caregiver students who will undergo training. The said certificate is already approved by the Training Qualifications UK and it can help in adding skills of your helper. They will learn things like how to handle ailing individuals, especially the elderly by means of attending every class that is being handled by the professionals.

MamaHelpers Volunteers

If you caught your helper wearing MamaHelpers t-shirt one day, do not panic, maybe your helper just joined MamaHelpers Volunteers. It is an organization consisting of domestic helpers in one particular area who continuously helping the needs without getting anything in return. You don’t have to dispute with your helper if you think that she is just wasting her money and time. Is it good to think that your helper can devote her blood and sweat just to help other people? To think that she can do all these things unto others, so what more she can do when it comes to your family?

In the end, we just have to trust our helper in order for them to feel so trustworthy. And above all, trust is the essential ingredient in effective communication. It is also a foundational principle that holds a good relationship between you, your family and your helper.

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Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Helper

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Domestic Helper plays a big role in employer’s everyday lives. Starting from the wonderfully made morning meal into delivering young ones to school and from cleaning the house to maintaining the happiness and orderly in our home.

In addition to the opportunities, we always give our trust in the hands of our helpers. That is why we should examine every applicant who wants to be part of our family. So here are some of the questions that MamaHelpers have prepared for you, which will help you, as an employer in finding your own helper.

First in the lists are the basic questions that you need to know about them:

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

  2. Why do you want to work as a domestic helper?

  3. What are your future plans?

  4. How many kids do you have? Did you raise your own kid?

  5. How long have you been in other country?

Then after that, we should proceed to the focused of the interview, the informations about their previous and future job:

  1. Explain your past work history.

  2. Do you know how to look up the transportation routes on the internet?

  3. What do you do with the money you earn?

  4. Do you have savings account?

  5. What are you best at doing?

  6. What is your expected salary?

  7. Can I contact your previous employer? Do you have references?

  8. What time did you wake up in the morning?

  9. Are you good at organizing?

  10. Do know how to use a vacuum?

  11. Are you able to follow a schedule?

  12. Do you know how to do hand washing?

  13. What time of the day do you usually like to do ironing?

  14. Do you like to cook?

  15. What types of food do you know how to cook?

  16. Can you follow a recipe book?

  17. Have you ever done meal planning?

  18. Do you know how to make marketing list?

  19. How do you keep records of the money spent?

  20. Have you ever asked for a cash advance before? What was the reason?

  21. How do you handle a newborn baby? Change diaper? Feeding? Burping?

  22. Do you like kids?

  23. Do you have any first aid training?

  24. Are you flexible with your day off? What day do you prefer?

  25. If necessary, will you work on your day off for extra money?

  26. Are there any special occasions that you need to be home for?

We hope that these questions help you during the interview process. And before anything else, we will leave you an important message from MamaHelpers:

Keep your helper healthy, happy and motivated, for you to have a helper who will love and dedicates her life in taking care of your whole family. Good luck to you and happy interviewing!

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Suitable Accommodation for Your Helper

Posted: 08/03/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

There are things that you need to remember when getting a helper, and one of those things is providing them a suitable accommodation. Is suitable accommodation necessarily mean a private room for your helper? The answer is no. Giving private rooms for helpers is not mandatory for every employer. You don’t need to be that astounding in the eye of your helper. It is understandable that every employer is different from each other. Some employers are opulent and some are not. And if you’re not, this is certainly inevitable and also understandable even in the eyes of the law.


Providing a suitable accommodation means providing your helper a reasonable privacy, which allows them to sleep with a child or solutions such as division of living space. It must also include bed, pillows, quilt, wardrobe, light, water, access to kitchen, toilet and bath facilities.


If you cannot provide any of these for your helper, or if you think that your house is limited with all of the amenities, do remember that it is illegal for a domestic helper to live out. You do need to provide your helper an accommodation within your home. You may also have serious consequences that include the repudiate of your helper’s visa. And if the domestic helper is caught living out, you could be fined up to 150,000 HKD, imprisoned or worst is you cannot have the right to hire a helper in the future.


One of the best thing in providing a finer accommodation is that you are more likely to enchant more skilled and experienced helper. For more information about the conditions of the suitable accommodation for your helper, you may contact the Labour Department.

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Time-Saving Ways to Train Your Helpers

Posted: 03/03/2018 / By: MamaHelpers / In: Articles

Hiring a new helper means adjusting of members’ everyday lives in your home. Everytime you hire a new helper, you also need to train them again and educate them about your household rules. Why training is important? Is it necessary? The answer is yes. What the helper learned in other places is not the same thing that she will learn inside your home. Training can help them to easily adopt and embrace their new environment.

Some employers doesn’t want to train their helpers because of the fact that it is too time-consuming. So, we gather some information on how to train your helper in the most efficient and effective time-saving ways.

1. Do the visual learning process. Find pictures online that will show what you want to teach to your helper. For instance, you can give the pictures that you have printed and tell your helper to keep it once she forget what you had just taught her.

2. Printable instructions. You can also print the instructions that you want her to know. You can print also something like a recipe, the right way to iron the clothes or how to make a bed. Let those instructions read by your helper and ask her if she have some questions regarding to it.

3. Download videos. Find short videos online on about any topic that you want to discuss with your helper. There are some tasks that are difficult to explain in words that is why you need to show them some videos on how to do it. Try searching videos on YouTube with your helper and ask her questions about it.

Visual instructions can help your helper to easily understand what you are trying to say, without putting too much effort and time. It also becomes more memorable to them when they see it with their eyes. Because, who doesn’t? “A picture worths a thousand words.” Right?

Training is not that time consuming if you do it in a right way. So go ahead! There is no shame in being efficient. Follow these simple steps and use your own little precious time to some things that are surely worth it.

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