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Launched in September 2017, MamaHelpers is currently the largest and fastest-growing foreign domestic helper network in the world. We offer the largest choice of quality helper profiles for employers globally. By continuously connecting employers, helpers, agencies and training schools on our platform, we nurture a mutually beneficial employment ecosystem.

MamaHelpers is also offering UK certified caregiver training programs for foreign domestic helpers. MamaHelpers Academy was established to help domestic helpers enhance their knowledge in caregiving and nursery, aiming to prepare for the growing ageing population.

MamaHelpers aims at presenting a professional image for everyone involved, and opt for building up trust and transparency in this industry. At the same time, by using technology to provide a one-stop solution, making the entire hiring process easy, hassle-free and efficient for employers.


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Create free job advertisement and reach out to the right candidates. Message directly and access helpers instantly. More control for your family.

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Read what others have said and be confident in your helper or agency. Choose our premium agency service from our verified recommended employment agencies.

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Process the employment paperwork online from a good accredited agency from comfort of your home. Keep track of the application progress and get ready for the arrival of your helper.

Differences between the premium packages?

2018-03-09 12:12:50


因為其實呢啲package都係由同我哋MamaHelpers合作嘅中介公司提供,所以呢啲價錢會唔同。而一般嚟講,因為處理聘請印尼姐姐嘅文件費成本比起處理菲律賓姐姐嘅較高,所以價錢出入會較大 🙂

另外,多得又多間合作中介好支持我哋MamaHelpers,所以佢哋好樂意為我哋嘅用戶提供今次嘅春季激賞優惠(你可以點擊手機APP裏面嘅圖片去睇呢啲姐姐嘅資料; 而家你就可以以最優惠的價格去享受全包服務!


而家就快啲去睇睇呢啲姐姐嘅資料,如果有問題可以直接問中介諮詢, 佢哋好樂意提供姐姐嘅資料㗎!

Lately we have received may enquiries about what are the difference between the packages provided by the agencies, many employers are wondering why they are at difference prices!

Indeed, these packages are provided by different partnered agencies and therefore the price varies. Generally speaking, the cost to process the paperwork for Indonesian helpers is higher than that for Filipino helpers; therefore the price is higher 🙂

In addition, special thanks to all our partnered agencies for supporting us MamaHelpers and they would love to provide a spring promotion to our users (you may now click in the in-app picture to view more overseas helpers’ profiles); you may now enjoy the premium full package service at it’s best price!!

All the above packages cover the paper processing fee, one-way flight ticket, body checks in both local area as well as in Hong Kong, and most importantly, the follow-up consultation service!  

Don’t miss the chance to look for more information in our app; you may also make enquiries to our partnered agency to get more details of the helper’s profiles!

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  • Sophia

    University Professor/First-time Mom
    I highly recommend Mamahelpers to anybody who’s looking for a helper. Mamahelpers came to the rescue when we were desperately in need for a helper with our first baby on the way. The whole process was so easy and stress-free, and most of all, we knew we could trust the helpers Mamahelpers recommended. We could not be happier with our helper, and our baby loves her.
  • Home Brilliant Domestic Helpers Centre Trading Co. Ltd

    First recommend ethical agency with Mamahelpers: The team from Mamahelpers is sincere and full of passion in making this platform come true. Mamahelpers is the best matching platform for applicants and employers. It indeed brings the breakthrough to this employment industry. Working closely with Mamahelpers, it enables us to focus on what customers’ needs and make our daily work more efficient and organised. Again, we feel grateful to have Mamahelpers’s support to our business.
  • Krislene

    First-time filipino helper to Hong Kong
    It's my first time to apply through the Mamahelpers app. it's convenient and I get connected with employers directly without any hassle. As a first-timer to Hong Kong, I was familiar with the cost and procedure to come and work in Hong Kong, the Mamahelpers team is always supportive and responsive. It really makes me feel stress-free to apply and work in Hong Kong. I hope more power to Mamahelpers and more helpers like me will end up benefiting and finding a good employer through the platform.